Rema Shrikant's Dance Academy

Dance Choreography

"Rema Shrikant show very creative ideas and spectacular group alignments. Her training in many of the classical forms gives her an added advantage in her choreographies" - Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar, mentor and guru of Rema Shrikant
Keraleeyam - 2007
Cultural fiesta in Palakkad
The Swaralaya music and dance festival-Oct.2007

"The piece de resistance of the festival was the 'Keraleeyam' presented by Vadodara-based Rema Shrikant and her seven disciples. The fine tuning of the group unfolded poetry on stage. Poetry that had imbued the cultural aesthetics of Kerala, starting a temple procession and a caparisoned elephant. The perfect blend of music and dance underscored the choreography of Rema Shrikant that had integrated elements of Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, harvest songs, folklore and myths,among other things". 

K.K. Goplalakrishnan, The Hindu, Kerala Edition

Mooladharam - 2005
Body Language- Dance

"Innovation in traditional dance format was the central attraction of the programme presented by Anjika in association with Open Doors and Sanskriti Sagar at G.D. Birla Sabhagar November 27th. The evening opened with Mooladharam, a dance drama in Bharatanatyam by Rema Shrikant's group from Vadodara. Precise group synchronization and perfect techniques made it a production with a difference" 

Sharmila Basu Thakur
Metro,Calcutta, Friday 9th December 2005

Maya - 2000
The Uday Shankar Dance Festival 2001

On the last day of the festival, the Ellora Centre for Performing Arts,Baroda, and Presented Maya, choreographed by Rema Shrikant. It was a rare treat. The dances were composed beautifully and the coordination between the dancers was awesome. The stage space was used to advantage. Rema Shrikant needs to be congratulated for her work. Rabindra Sadan was bursting at the seams on that day, the last day of the festival. There were people sitting on the floor of the hall".

Tapti Chowdhari, Kolkatta - attendence

Captivating Mystical 'Maya' 

"The stage was full of happenings. Happenings of the world. They came and went enthralling the audience, and before any interpretation, they were gone, just like `maya'. Maya - the ballet choreographed by dancer Rema Shrikant from Vadodara, was a wonderful piece of beauty.. 
Fast paced, there was not a moment which did not engross the audience. The movements were supple and the performers were good with their style and coordination".

Shyama RajgopalTTHE HINDU, October 12, 2002

Shree Ganesha - 1998
Three Words Pronounced in Dance

"The dance ballet on Shree Ganesha organized by the Ellora Centre for Performing Arts on Sunday evening was an educative and scintillating experience.The most striking part of the programme was the excellent synchronization amongst the 15 dancers and the flawless flow of the sequences. Not to forget the dexterity of the dancers, both at the abhinaya and nritta, pure dance. The best tribute to the performance was the refusal of the audience, at the C.C. Mehta Auditorium to budge from their seats till the programme ended'.

Seema Rajendran,The Times Of India

Andal - 1995
'Andal'   Depicts Intense Devotion

The Ellora Centre for Performing Arts (ECPA) recently staged the dance-drama “Andal” at the C.C Mehta Auditorium based on the saga of the Vaishnavite poetess of the south.The dance drama isbeautifully choreographed by Rema Shrikant on the poems by Andal depicting a cascade of emotions, there is the little girl building sand castles,the young woman in the pangs of separationfrom her lover and yearning for her union with him and lamenting on his indifference towards her"

Leena Misra, THE TIMES OF INDIA, March 1, 1995
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