Rema Shrikant's Dance Academy

Ellora Center for Performing Arts
Rema Shrikant, a highly acclaimed Dancer, Choreographer and Guru in Bharatanatyam established Ellora Center for Performing Arts (ECPA) in Vadodara Gujarat, India, along with her daughter, Nitya Gopikrishnan who is also an accomplished dancer, provide training in Bharatanatyam.  

The ECPA has in its objective  promotion of various other Indian classical and folk dance forms including Gurukula tradition with a global vision. The institution endeavors to inspire young talents, produce, organize and perform dance events,  Arangetrams, choreograph dance dramas, conduct lecture-demonstrations, workshops and more for the diffusion of knowledge.  

ECPA had its beginning in the Bharatanatyam dance classes of  Rema Shrikant started in Vadodara, way back 1975. During its onward journey, it was nurtured and developed in the Gujarat Refinery and IPCL Townships during 1976 to 1987. By the year 1987, it had grown into a full fledged dance institute and named it Ellora Center for Performing Arts. During the span of more than three and half decades, Rema Shrikant has earned a glorious history of training large number of students, presenting many cultural shows, several Arangetrams and choreographic works

  • Conduct classes in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam, Folk Dances etc.
  • Special training for NRI and overseas students. 
  • Provide advance training in Bharatanatyam for dance teachers.
  • Advance training for Arangetram.
  • Perform in National dance festivals.
  • Choreograph dance productions.
  • Conduct dance workshops and seminars for diffusion of knowledge.
  • Conduct need-based orientation, refresher courses for students.
  • Nurture ancient traditions of "Guru-Shishya" parampara.
  • Induce a sense of cultural heritage in youngsters.
  • Dance therapy for elders.
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